Three Traditional Companies In The Philippines That Brought Their Businesses Into The Worldwide Web

1. The brand Burlington from Burlington Industries Philippines Inc.

As a kid, I remember my Mother buying Burlington socks at department stores. It was only recently, when I read Daphne Osena’s blog, that I discovered they have a website and an online shop Philippines.

I noticed that their branding is not the same on their web domain and Facebook page. I had to Google the brand name and Facebook to get to the correct Fan Page. The website name is “burlingtonphils” and the fan page is “burlingtonsocks”.


2. The brand Kamiseta

Kudos! The brand has achieved a strong online presence as evident on their Facebook Fan Page 62K+ Followers. But, what I don’t know is if this number made an impact on their online sales.

Unfortunately, the over all look of the website and online shop Philippines needs improvement. In the front page alone, I found links that are not working. I also see three different logos or brand graphics in their website and Fan Page.

3. Celeteque Dermoscience by United Laboratories, Inc.

Online shop Philippines website is very professional looking. The brand have a very strong following as seen on their Facebook Fan Page with 14K + followers. Again, I’m not sure if this number made an impact on their online sales.

The brand is not promoting their website and online shop. If you can take a look at the brand’s Fan Page, you will mostly see promotion of their brand and products. They must get their followers to buy on their online store.

As a consumer, especially from the south of the Philippines, where not a lot of brands make it out here, these companies already made a step towards increasing their brand and product reach. Mostly all Filipinos have access to the Internet. By marketing their online stores, these brands will see tremendous difference in their sales.

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How To Buy A Property In The Philippines

There are a lot of properties advertised in newspapers these days. It just goes to show that the real estate industry in the Philippines is booming. It is affordable to buy properties the earliest you can while the property is still at its pre-selling phase. But, how do you buy properties for sale in the Philippines?

Rent Condo

I enlisted the help of a broker friend from Rent.PH, Xyza, for me understand the process of buying properties in the Philippines and the terms in real estate buying.

Usually when I see property ads, there is always a “Reservation Fee” a buyer has to pay. The term itself very understandable. You are basically paying to put the property on hold and have the exclusive right to buy that property. Reservation fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

After the “Reservation Fee”, there is also a downpayment requirement a buyer has to make. Xyza informed me that downpayment can be paid in 24 to 36 months and is usually interest free. Also, downpayment is usually 20% of the price of the property.

For example, see table below:  [Read more…]

Earn Extra Income

On top what you earn for your salary, earning extra income will help realize your financial goals a lot faster. The extra money will also help you get something that you have always wanted.

Earn commission from selling goods to your officemates, friends and relatives. Choose a product that your officemates or friends don’t sell. No use competing with the same circle of friends.

Bake Christmas Cookies

Sell on your skill of cooking or baking. Start by bringing your friends a sample of something you made. If people you know like your cooking, this will earn you clients. You can earn money by catering a special event or bake a cake for a birthday or holiday. You can follow Entrepreneur Philippines simple formula for those who are setting up a home business. First, compute your direct costs; second, add 30 percent of the sum to cover utilities and transportation costs and, lastly, add 30 percent more for mark-up. [Read more…]

Pay Your Debts

Savings can amount to nothing once you accumulate or if you have debts to your name. If you don’t clear your debts the soonest, interest rates will increase the amount of debt and will only make it impossible for you to pay them. Well, almost.

1. Set achievable goals.

Set a time frame as to when you plan to have all your debts cleared or paid up. Once you have the time frame, calculate how much you need to set aside monthly to getting debts paid by the end of the time frame. Achievable goals mean without you going hungry or homeless. Of course, you need to have the fund available for food, transportation and rent.

Cash On Hand

Have system. If you receive your salary through a salary debit account, set up auto transfers via online. Transfer the money as soon as you receive the salary to accounts that will pay your debt.

2. Keep interest rate low. [Read more…]

Managing Your Income

1. Know how much you are getting paid every month.

Pay Cheque

You might be enjoying a sizeable income. As long as you don’t go beyond the monthly salary, it should be fine. Right? Well, if you are okay with living from pay cheque to pay cheque. But knowing exactly how much you are supposed to get every month can help manage financial crisis that will come your way. Understand how much you are getting every month. Understand what are your monthly salary deductibles. You should know how much is deducted for taxes every month and your monthly contributions like social security or even housing fund if you are enrolled in one. You can easily do this by keeping your monthly salary slip.

2. Don’t spend your income all in one go. [Read more…]

Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online

The Internet has allowed full-time housewives, or househusbands, retirees, students, entrepreneurs to make money online with no to little start up fees.

1. E-Commerce

Sell products and services online. If you are crafty, artistic, skilled or frequent shopper, selling your stuff online is the cheapest way to go about it and the customer reach can be local, national or global. Multiply, eBay and Etsy is a one of the popular sites for e-commerce. If you are a photographer interested in his selling his photos (think Getty Images), you can do so online. [Read more…]

Personal Finance by The Simple Dollar – Part 1

The Simple Dollar came out with a clear-cut information graphics what one needs to know about handling their personal finances.

In simplest form, one can achieve personal finance success by spending less and earning more. The bigger the gap between the spending and the earnings, the bigger the savings one is going to have. [Read more…]

Backpacking Coverage First Before Going

Backpacking coverage is the best investment one can get before going away on a trip.

Extreme Sports

Backpacking across Europe, across United States or around Asia does not assure safety at all times regardless of how well we make travel plans. There are lots of activities to do while in a foreign land. One does travel to discover and seek adventure, right? We may want to try skiing in the Alps, scuba diving in the Caribbean seas, or bungee jumping on high mountains, waterfalls or high-rise buildings. [Read more…]