Life Updates #3



..according to Instagram.


I easily get bored following one exercise routine. When a sister’s friend invited us to go for power walk at a different location, I was up for it. In the area, there was a small children’s playground with swing.
I couldn’t help myself. I had to give it a go. “This one’s for the childhood memories”.

One of my sister’s boss is into the fitness life business. She has access to tons of juicing recipes and motivational resources. We’ve been thinking about buying a juicer that’s good in quality and at the same time affordable. We finally found one at a department store home goods area, the Moulinex Juice Extractor for only Php3,600+. We loved the first juice concoction we made and it was detoxifying indeed. More on that later on.

Mama is getting health conscious after experiencing some health scare in her prime age. She went out grocery shopping and these are her healthy choices. I’ve always been curious about the Apple Cider Vinegar diet and it makes a great base for green salad sauce. I’ll write a blogpost about it soon. [Read more...]

When Rain Pours Today

I’m going to spend all day in the house in workout leggings, running shoes and with this 5 pounds weight.


And no, it’s not a 5 pounds heavy penny.

Playing around with this weight in between work breaks.

Hey you! Got skip rope? Go get it and give me 50!

Just trying to be active or something in this truly bed weather.

Hello, rainy season, Philippines!

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#BlogMas : Staying Healthy This Christmas

I love to eat. I used to enjoy physical activities or hitting the gym. But I don’t know, my couch and I, we’ll we’re in love! Ideally, if you love to eat, you should also love to exercise. How else are you going to keep those pounds off? Women’s Health Magazine tells us how.

Women’s Health magazine cover girl is the Filipina host, singer and actress Karylle. The cover earned her the monicker “miss kurbada (curvy)” given by her fellow hosts on her noontime gig “It’s Showtime”. The 32 year old celebrity tells WH how she keeps fit despite her gruelling schedule.

Stories I enjoyed reading are Hot-For-The-Holidays Fitness Plan, The 15-Minute Workout Plan, the 1,500 calorie “Your Flat-Belly Day” eating plan, Beware of the Money Buzz, Keep Your Drive Alive and Be A Laughter, Not A Fighter. [Read more...]

Stress Awareness Day

Stress Awareness Day, on it’s 15th year, is celebrated on the 6th of November. The objective is to help people beat stress.

Everyday we deal with life challenges. Sometimes these challenges pile up and increases life stress.

Work life balance is too important for working professionals. I remember when I applied for a sales position in a bank, I was asked how I deal with stress. We all have our own ways when dealing with stress. A stressed person can do a lot of damage than good.

7/52 Focus One Dress Says It All

In the service and sales industry I was in, I find that these tips helps relieve stress.

  1. Surround yourself with positive, don’t bring your personal life drama to work, individuals.
  2. Find someone you can look up to as your mentor, someone you can learn from, in the office.
  3. Never be shy to ask for help and admit that there’s something you don’t know about work. [Read more...]

Simple Goals Before The Year Ends

Make goals simple and doable for the remainder of the year. I would rather take it easy and continue to be productive for the last 2 remaining months. I don’t want the year to end with me so stressed out.


Here are simple goals I want to do before the year ends:

  1. Eat healthy like fiber rich foods like oats, fruits, vegetables and low calorie cereal.
  2. Increase water intake daily.
  3. Get out of the house often for more physical exercise.
  4. Fix TIN BIR issue before the year ends.
  5. Enrol in a short course for additional skill by 2014.
  6. No more buying of makeup until the year ends.
  7. Finish reading Dan Brown’s Inferno and Lauren Weisberger’s Revenge Wears Prada.

HMB Header

In the accomplishment of these goals, I will reward myself with a new backpack. It’s just a little something to motivate myself in achieving the goals. I have always wanted a North Face backpack. I’m not sure if my budget will suffice when the year ends.

Check out one of my fave blogger’s goal, Life Unpublished, before 2014.

How far away are you from your goals for 2013? Let me know in the comments section below and thank you for reading. As always, don’t forget to subscribe!

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Fitness Friday {1} : Playlist And Nike+ App

No, this is not a result from today but of yesterday. Today, I was very bad. It has been days since I last ate fast food and take out. Today, I had spaghetti, fried chicken and large fries. How unhealthy was that? Very. I know.

Oh, yes. This is another series in my blog. I have another one coming up which will be posted on Saturdays.

Yesterday, my sister and I went for a walk. It was the longest route and time I ever had. LOL! No wonder! When we were really close to home, I started complaining. Typical me. Why is it that every step you make is so difficult knowing that your destination is already near?

Fitness Friday

My playlist that has never been changed since 2011! Very retro music, is it?

Fitness Friday

My sporadic exercise routine. I don’t really follow a strict exercise routine but I know that I should. Or at least have some sort of a physical activity everyday. [Read more...]

Sports Haul At Chris Sports

I’ve been suffering from knee and ankle pains whenever I do any type of physical activity.

I’m thinking that my running shoes are a wrong fit for me. This is just me wanting to get a new pair of shoes. My sister suggested I get knee and ankle support. Since, it’s a lot less expense in my pocket, I decided to give it a try.

We don’t have a lot of choices here in my hometown. When we travelled to Cagayan de Oro to run a few errands, I decided to squeeze in a lot of shopping that day. LOL!

IMG_0008 I got an elastic knee support from a brand called LP Support. The Elastic Knee Support 647 provides firm support of the joint with gentle compression over the kneecap. It is designed to conform naturally to the contours of the knee. It is suitable for most sports, athletic activities and daily use. It is made of 70% nylon and 30% spandex. It is for Php274.50 only. [Read more...]

What I Ate Wednesdays: Wheat Bread & Suman

Welcome  back to another What I Ate Wednesdays blog post! This is probably going to be another thing for me. First, I started blogging about my monthly favorites at the start of this year and now this.

I started with a healthy breakfast of wheat bread, topped with an egg and, of course, I have to have my coffee.


I thought I wouldn’t go hungry until late afternoon. But, no. I got bored and the only thing to do is to eat. Again, no wonder I’m not losing weight. LOL! [Read more...]

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