Fruit Infused Tea

Bored with your usual detox drink of choice? I found this little spin by a Youtuber.

What you will need:

Your choice of detox tea
Lemon & other fruits of your liking
Water (hot or cold)

Mix all ingredients in a big tumbler or water bottle. Choose a water bottle with a big opening so fruit cuts can fit in the bottle.

Hope this will give you ideas on how to up the ante of your detox drink. Happy detox!

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New Kicks On The Block

New Balance Skechers

I’ve never owned bright shoes like this, New Balance and Skechers. My Nike running shoes are falling apart and these two shoes were on sale so might as well get it. These shoes are meant to motivate me to go out and run or exercise more. Fingers cross!

I like the support of the Skechers shoes although I still think the shoes is for kids. It feels so comfortable compared to my Nike shoes. The New Balance shoes has a a spike attachment which is great for trekking not that I go trekking. Last time I did that, I almost fainted. A sign of how unfit I really am. I love both colour though!

Here’s to two chances in crossing out “join a fun run” in the bucket list.

New Kicks On The Block

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#BEDM : HEALTHPRO Digital Thermometer

My grandmother wasn’t feeling well the other day. She had only about 2 hours of sleep the night before and add to that a really sad news came to  us. Her sister who is living in a different city is really sick and is in the hospital. My grandmother only talked and sang to her on the phone. My grandmother was close to tears while on the phone.

Because of little sleep, she was feeling out of sorts and thought she might be sick with something. Her thermometer wasn’t working so we bought her a new one.

Digital Thermometer

From across our street, the pharmacy sells HealthPro Digital Thermometer for only Php 70.00. Like everything digital, to me, it was very easy to use and read. The downside is the beeping sound is not loud enough for my grandmother to hear. Good thing we were there with her to check her temperature. Good news, temperature is normal.

Healthpro Digital Thermometer


I heard my grandmother’s sister was admitted to the hospital the night before. I’m thinking maybe that was why she was only able to sleep for two hours. It could be her sister waking her up early in the night. [Read more…]

#BEDM : Beachbody B-LINES Resistance Bands

B-LINES Resistance Bands are made of quality materials. I tried using it and I’m glad it didn’t break. Using these pieces of equipment involves strenuous activity, so learning and practicing proper use and care of each of these items is imperative.


B-LINES Resistance Bands are made with natural rubber latex (NRL), which may cause minor to life threatening allergic reactions in some people. When I opened the pack, I can immediately smell the rubber. I’m not very sensitive to rubber smell so this will do for me.

Resistance bands is something to have at home for at home fitness routines. Here are sample resistance bands exercises you can do at home.

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#BEDM : Ball Mason Jars For Juicing

Yep, it’s all because of the fitness rage that is juicing.

Ball Mason Jars 3

Few weeks ago, my sister and I bought a juicing machine. I have yet to make a review of the Moulinex juicer. For presentation purposes, inspired by Pinterest, we were in the lookout for affordable mason jars. I didn’t want to buy online, pay for shipping and risk breaking the jars. Surprisingly,  I saw these blue Ball Mason Jars sold at Centrio Ayala Mall, just outside Robinson’s Department Store. Each jars is about 12 ounces and is for Php129.75. I was so close to buying a box of 6 mason jars. Juicing is now made extra motivating with this beautiful mason jars.

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Life Updates #3



..according to Instagram.


I easily get bored following one exercise routine. When a sister’s friend invited us to go for power walk at a different location, I was up for it. In the area, there was a small children’s playground with swing.
I couldn’t help myself. I had to give it a go. “This one’s for the childhood memories”.

One of my sister’s boss is into the fitness life business. She has access to tons of juicing recipes and motivational resources. We’ve been thinking about buying a juicer that’s good in quality and at the same time affordable. We finally found one at a department store home goods area, the Moulinex Juice Extractor for only Php3,600+. We loved the first juice concoction we made and it was detoxifying indeed. More on that later on.

Mama is getting health conscious after experiencing some health scare in her prime age. She went out grocery shopping and these are her healthy choices. I’ve always been curious about the Apple Cider Vinegar diet and it makes a great base for green salad sauce. I’ll write a blogpost about it soon. [Read more…]

When Rain Pours Today

I’m going to spend all day in the house in workout leggings, running shoes and with this 5 pounds weight.


And no, it’s not a 5 pounds heavy penny.

Playing around with this weight in between work breaks.

Hey you! Got skip rope? Go get it and give me 50!

Just trying to be active or something in this truly bed weather.

Hello, rainy season, Philippines!

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#BlogMas : Staying Healthy This Christmas

I love to eat. I used to enjoy physical activities or hitting the gym. But I don’t know, my couch and I, we’ll we’re in love! Ideally, if you love to eat, you should also love to exercise. How else are you going to keep those pounds off? Women’s Health Magazine tells us how.

Women’s Health magazine cover girl is the Filipina host, singer and actress Karylle. The cover earned her the monicker “miss kurbada (curvy)” given by her fellow hosts on her noontime gig “It’s Showtime”. The 32 year old celebrity tells WH how she keeps fit despite her gruelling schedule.

Stories I enjoyed reading are Hot-For-The-Holidays Fitness Plan, The 15-Minute Workout Plan, the 1,500 calorie “Your Flat-Belly Day” eating plan, Beware of the Money Buzz, Keep Your Drive Alive and Be A Laughter, Not A Fighter. [Read more…]