Life Updates #4

Welcome to my recent life update. Here’s what I’m up to in photos: Aruma Cafe food, Carrot Juice recipe and see what I got at Watsons, my recent Watsons Drugstore Haul.

I went to meet work mates at Aruma Cafe and ordered some few sweet stuff. The food is not helping my AKA diet.


Coffee and Banoffee Cake

Despite the very bad eating habits, I’m feeling positive about eating healthy. My sister and I decided to juice for a day. Our go to juice is a combination of 1 red apple, 1 green apple and 2 carrots. Yum! [Read more...]

Life Updates #3



..according to Instagram.


I easily get bored following one exercise routine. When a sister’s friend invited us to go for power walk at a different location, I was up for it. In the area, there was a small children’s playground with swing.
I couldn’t help myself. I had to give it a go. “This one’s for the childhood memories”.

One of my sister’s boss is into the fitness life business. She has access to tons of juicing recipes and motivational resources. We’ve been thinking about buying a juicer that’s good in quality and at the same time affordable. We finally found one at a department store home goods area, the Moulinex Juice Extractor for only Php3,600+. We loved the first juice concoction we made and it was detoxifying indeed. More on that later on.

Mama is getting health conscious after experiencing some health scare in her prime age. She went out grocery shopping and these are her healthy choices. I’ve always been curious about the Apple Cider Vinegar diet and it makes a great base for green salad sauce. I’ll write a blogpost about it soon. [Read more...]

5 Gadgets You See Bloggers Own

Aside from having access to a computer or laptop, there are other gadgets bloggers always covet and must bring with them when out and about.

A Camera. Having owned a compact, point and shoot camera to a DSLR, I find owning a specific camera for blogging doesn’t really matter. If money is not a problem, a blogger would prefer to have the best camera they can buy. A blogger always want to improve their photography skills.

Blogging Camera

A Smart Mobile Device. Mobile phones and tablet devices allow a blogger to stay connected to the internet. A blogger is always connected to social media. Having access to Twitter to their chosen blogging platform on hand is ideal.

Blogging Device

A Portable Power Supply. A juice pack is getting so popular due to the rise of mobile phones that run out of battery or power fast. There are different portable power supply sold in the market these days. The higher the power capacity the better. But if there are budget constraints, a smaller capacity works as well. Just make sure to recharge every time you get home and before your next outing.

Blogging Power Supply

Mobile Wifi. A travel blogger doesn’t have to spend tons of money to access the internet wherever they go. The wifi plug-it is extra useful when you travel to places without Wifi connection. Works really well for Wifi capability only devices, too. [Read more...]

Bejeweled Accessories From Hong Kong

Jeweled Floral Shaped Hair Clip

Jeweled Floral Shaped Hair Clip

Jeweled Bow Shaped Hair Clip

Jeweled Bow Shaped Hair Clip

Clear Bauble Bracelet

Clear Bauble Bracelet [Read more...]

Lifetime Affordable Foldable Table

Finally got an affordable folding table!
I finally don’t have to stoop down and hurt my back
when using the centre table as a work station.

Affordable Foldable Table
Affordable Foldable Table

Affordable Foldable Table

Affordable Foldable Table

The Lifetime Foldable Table is for Php995.00.
The table is 26 inches in length, 18 inches wide and 24 – 28 inches in height.
Yes, you can adjust the height!
My next target is the folding chair from the same brand.
I bought this affordable folding table at a local Citi Hardware store. [Read more...]

This Week Via CamScanner App

A breakthrough app! This app comes in handy especially for students. I would definitely use this app to capture certain passage of a book that I love. Oh, my! Hand writing might be obsolete soon. Nooo! I wouldn’t be surprised if kids of this generation end up having bad penmanship. It’s definitely not something I would like to find out.

 photo CamScannerApp_zpsb5085b07.jpg

Forgive the bad hand writing. LOL!

But for the purpose of my new download and my “I make list” personality, here’s what I am up to.


This might not be an exhaustive list of what needs to be done this week but I am adamant in making today’s post really short.

I’ve outlined the must do this week  on paper and captured the list using CamScanner app.

If you like to try the app, let me know how you like it by leaving me comments below. Don’t be shy now!

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Three Traditional Companies In The Philippines That Brought Their Businesses Into The Worldwide Web

1. The brand Burlington from Burlington Industries Philippines Inc.

As a kid, I remember my Mother buying Burlington socks at department stores. It was only recently, when I read Daphne Osena’s blog, that I discovered they have a website and an online shop Philippines.

I noticed that their branding is not the same on their web domain and Facebook page. I had to Google the brand name and Facebook to get to the correct Fan Page. The website name is “burlingtonphils” and the fan page is “burlingtonsocks”.


2. The brand Kamiseta

Kudos! The brand has achieved a strong online presence as evident on their Facebook Fan Page 62K+ Followers. But, what I don’t know is if this number made an impact on their online sales.

Unfortunately, the over all look of the website and online shop Philippines needs improvement. In the front page alone, I found links that are not working. I also see three different logos or brand graphics in their website and Fan Page.

3. Celeteque Dermoscience by United Laboratories, Inc.

Online shop Philippines website is very professional looking. The brand have a very strong following as seen on their Facebook Fan Page with 14K + followers. Again, I’m not sure if this number made an impact on their online sales.

The brand is not promoting their website and online shop. If you can take a look at the brand’s Fan Page, you will mostly see promotion of their brand and products. They must get their followers to buy on their online store.

As a consumer, especially from the south of the Philippines, where not a lot of brands make it out here, these companies already made a step towards increasing their brand and product reach. Mostly all Filipinos have access to the Internet. By marketing their online stores, these brands will see tremendous difference in their sales.

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Facebook Releases Paper App

I’m quite excited for the Paper app. If it will generate readership in blogs and other websites, I’m all for it.

What I don’t know is, if it will minimise links in the Facebook page itself. Do we see the updates submitted in Paper app on Facebook, too?

The “Create Post” feature made me think about a Facebook Blogging Platform. The “Notes” on Facebook don’t cut it. But if the app expands into a blogging platform, it’s MySpace, Friendster and Multiply all over again. If the app remains to be a feed reader, it definitely has something different to offer compared to Bloglovin, RSS Reader, Feedly, Flipboard,, etc.

The app will be available for download on February 3. To know more about Facebook Paper app, see the videos below.

Facebook to Reinvent News Feed with ‘Paper’ App via Buzz60

Facebook’s Paper app coming to iPhones only, Feb. 3 via Computerworld

Facebook unwraps Paper news reader app via CNET [Read more...]

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