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What I’m currently:


I didn’t know Ariana Grande can sing with that high note. I only started listening to her current songs because her music and style is not something that I can relate to anymore. Listen and watch live performance of the latest song “Problem” by Ariana Grande here. Also, have you heard Colbie Caillat new song “Try”?


I’m still reading blogs using Bloglovin platform and app. It’s just a nice community of ladies and bloggers from all over the world. It’s good to read about new things, places  and happenings of other people’s lives from across the pond.


I don’t know if I’ll ever grow tired of watching #TheSacconeJolys on Youtube. The star of the show is definitely their baby girl Emilia and they just had another baby, a boy, named Eduardo. I can’t wait for Ardo to grow up and cause havoc with his older sister Emilia. Emilia is such a cute and happy baby! I also love the concept of VSauce and CrashCourse Youtube channels!

What’s currently viral in the past weeks up to now:

I’m such an NBA fan and I’m glad my team, Spurs, won this year. So, it seems Miami Heat Big 3 will be no longer. Read about The King, Lebon James, letter on his transfer back to his hometown and team, Cleveland Cavaliers.

What’s current and cool have you discovered lately? Send me links in the comments below. Your blogs included!

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Book Review: The Beginning of Everything

The story started where the one of the main character Ezra Faulkner, a popular jock and homecoming king, got into a car accident that changed the high school dynamics. Ezra was forced into a system where he is no longer the centre of attention, to rekindle his friendships with the unpopular kids, balancing his friendships with cool and uncool crowd and falling in love with the mysterious transferee student, Cassidy Thorpe. 

Robyn Schneider Book

The book reminded me of the lives people live in High School. There are times when you are in awe with the popular and smart kids in school. No one is what they say they are. You’ll understand why people act the way they do. The book is a great coming of age story. A young boy realising life, friendships, betrayal, tragedy and love. 

I have the soft bound copy with the bright yellow and blue cover. It’s hard to miss the book. It is 335 pages long. The font size is comfortably big enough. If you love the book Perks of Being A Wallflower, you will love this book, too.

I would recommend you buy and read this book or add it in your to-read list.

Katherine Tegen Books
ISBN 978-0-06-227550-9 ( International Edition)
The Beginning of Everything
By Robyn Schneider
Copyright 2013 

First Edition Cover
Cover Art & Design Copyright 2013
By M80 Design/ Wes Youssie

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The Summer Lovin’ Tag

I found this TAG on Youtube via Tati’s vlog. Who wouldn’t love a summer tag? I’m basically in a country that’s eternally summer for half of the year. Well, we do get the occasional rain in between but this TAG definitely right up in my alley. Read on.

Summer TAG Banner

The Questions:

1. Summer lipstick you’re loving?

NYX in Audrey MLS 20

NYX Matte Lipstick MLS20 Audrey

2. Summer nail polish you’re loving?

I didn’t wear nail polish this summer. I wanted to give my nails a break from the polish.

3. Bikini you’re loving this summer?

Oops, really uneventful. I didn’t get a new bikini.

4. Favourite summer Frappuccino from Starbucks?

I’m not a Frappucino kind of girl. Read this post and know what coffee I like. But for favourite drink on summer? Something cold, not too sweet and something that refreshes the thirst. It could be anything.

5. Favourite fake tan?

I don’t fake tan. My skin colour is in natural tan, always. If I’m going to change the question, it would be, what’s your favourite summer body polish? I have to admit it’s going to be something that’s whitening. I burn and tan so fast and so easily. So I don’t look too dark, I counteract the darkening with a whitening lotion. And, I don’t really whiten. I just go a little lighter in tone. [Read more...]

Where To Find Blogging Inspiration?

Most of you would say, Pinterest. While I will highly likely agree with you, I actually found a blog post inspiration over on Facebook.

Many of you would notice how your friends like to share news, articles, pictures they found online or shared by their other friends on Facebook. You can find wonderful inspiration like photos shared or thoughts on current events. My other blogger friend finds inspiration from old e-mail from friends.

I was scouring through my brother’s Facebook pictures to go down memory lane myself and found a coffee infographic. I’m not sure where this post came out first but Time Magazine ranked first in Google. The inspirational post?

What Does Your Favorite Coffee Say About You?

Coffee Infographic

This is a bit tricky. In Starbucks, I always order the cult favorite “Coffee Machiato”. Wikipedia describes Coffee Machiato as an espresso drink with a little milk added to it. There’s also a “Latte Machiato” version which is mostly of milk and a little shot of espresso. Does that mean I like espresso and latte? I never would drink a straight up espresso in any given day. I also drink instant coffee.

That makes me an
“Espresso”, “Latte” and “Instant Coffee”
kind of person.

Do I agree with the personality description? Some yes. Some no. It’s not something you have to take seriously but it’s fun to just think about it.

What kind of coffee do you like to drink? Let me know. We might have something in common.

That’s it! My new blog post thanks to Facebook search. This is already 200+ words of blogpost, a decent length, don’t you think? Check out your old photos for inspiration, too!

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

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Toys For The Big Girls Wish List

Nope! Not that kind of toys please!

The best epilator according to reviews found online is by Braun. First on the wish list is the Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator in white that is now sold on Amazon for $104.99. I know it’s going to hurt in the first few uses but the long-term results is worth the pain.

Braun Best Epilator

I’ve wanted a Kitchenaid for the longest time now. I’m not the best baker for a newbie level but Kitchenaid will definitely motivate me to bake some more. Practice makes perfect! And this machine will help making dough for breads very easily. I am not sure if Youtuber Zoella has this exact colour but it’s where I got the colour inspiration from.

Kitchenaid Mixer in Pistachio

I’m not sure if the Nutribullet machine is easy to clean and manage. My concern with my really inexpensive blender is the many parts I need to clean up after making a smoothie. My other really cheap blender doesn’t blend well, too noisy and leaves lumps of fruits and ice. If the Nutribullet Pro 900 Series won’t do all the points I just mentioned, then I want it in the kitchen. A Vitamix is just too expensive!  [Read more...]

DIY: How To Sew A Blouse

DIY Sew A Blouse

I’ve been keeping this piece of cloth for a very long time with the intention of sewing it into a custom blouse. The cloth is of very flowy material (screams summer!), the print is not too girly and I love the colour combination of peachy pink and grey.

FYI: My seamstress skills is that of an Elementary student.
You can tell by the way I described this DIY below.

As a beginner, I searched for a similar blouse that I want to recreate.

Then, I created a pattern using old newspaper. Unfortunately, I did not get to follow the pattern as planned because….I’m a rebel (excuses). The blouse ended up too big for me. The pattern was only a trace of the blouse I wanted to recreate so I did not really use my own body measurements.

I pieced the pattern paper to the cloth and pin both using bobby pins.

Finally I found the courage to cut the cloth, it’s only about 1 meter piece of cloth and no extras, so it was nerve wracking. What if I mess it up and I turn out wasting the beautiful piece of cloth? Pressure. LOL!

Make sure to cut an inch or less away from your pattern as allowance. This is where you will sew the pieces together.

What I also didn’t know was how to properly measure and cut the front side neckline. I ended up cutting way too much. It ended too wide and deep. Cleavage!   [Read more...]

People Mobile Habits That Drive Me Nuts

July is #KeepItInYourPants (hashtag by TELUS)
Cell Phone Courtesy Month!


Photo Credit

What are people mobile habits that drives me nuts?

1. Talking Loud On Mobile In Public PlacesCredit


2. Cell phone bright lights while in the movie theatre.Credit [Read more...]

Affordable iPad Mini Protective Case From Promate

Looking for affordable iPad Mini protective case?

Head down to your nearest Silicon Valley Philippines store. Everything you need in your digital life they have it.

I only have a few minutes to shop at Limketkai Mall before heading out to the pier. I’ve had my iPad for two weeks without any protective cover in all sides. I remember KitKai mall with stores that sell inexpensive gadget accessories.

Affordable iPad Mini Protective Case

Silicon Valley PH sells Promate Premium Ultra-Slim Case for only PHP1,095.00.

It’s an ultra slim book style case for iPad mini, with easy grip feature, easy access to all of the iPad mini ports and buttons, fold out stand feature for high-level typing or angled viewing options. It has smart sleep and wake up capability and velvet interiors.

With the affordable protective case, the iPad mini now looks like your normal journal.

What I originally wanted was a protective case with a built-in bluetooth keyboard. But, I don’t think that’s already available in Philippines online shops or stores near me. I will post an update when I find or buy one.

What do you think of the red colour? I would have preferred pink or mint but the color they carry are only in black or red.

What’s your latest gadget accessory find? Share them with me in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

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