DIY: How To Sew A Blouse

DIY Sew A Blouse

I’ve been keeping this piece of cloth for a very long time with the intention of sewing it into a custom blouse. The cloth is of very flowy material (screams summer!), the print is not too girly and I love the colour combination of peachy pink and grey.

FYI: My seamstress skills is that of an Elementary student.
You can tell by the way I described this DIY below.

As a beginner, I searched for a similar blouse that I want to recreate.

Then, I created a pattern using old newspaper. Unfortunately, I did not get to follow the pattern as planned because….I’m a rebel (excuses). The blouse ended up too big for me. The pattern was only a trace of the blouse I wanted to recreate so I did not really use my own body measurements.

I pieced the pattern paper to the cloth and pin both using bobby pins.

Finally I found the courage to cut the cloth, it’s only about 1 meter piece of cloth and no extras, so it was nerve wracking. What if I mess it up and I turn out wasting the beautiful piece of cloth? Pressure. LOL!

Make sure to cut an inch or less away from your pattern as allowance. This is where you will sew the pieces together.

What I also didn’t know was how to properly measure and cut the front side neckline. I ended up cutting way too much. It ended too wide and deep. Cleavage!   [Read more…]

Movie Review: Maleficent

It’s amazing! Angelina Jolie was way better than Charlize Theron in Snow White.

I can’t say so much of the movie without giving it away but please stop reading this if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

I didn’t expect the fight scenes to have cool graphics but it looked really great. It was like Lara Croft  all over again in that few seconds.

There’s a really cool twist to the story that you never thought would have happened but also see the possibility that it could have happened and it was just wasn’t mentioned in the fairy tale story book. Yep, I just wrote that on there.


Not a lot of fairy tale stories turned movies were about the villain or who we thought to be as the villain in the book. The movie is all about Maleficent the bad fairy who cast a spell on the young Princess. The film showed the story how Maleficent became cold hearted but also someone who we didn’t thought to be nice and who does really have a good heart.

I’ve never seen the side of Angelina Jolie this comedic, making funny faces before. The much publicised part where her real daughter was in on the movie, it was really touching. You could see how she makes an excellent Mother to Shiloh.

The older Princess Aurora was played by Elle Fanning. She does make a joyful and beautiful Princess as described by the book.  [Read more…]

Becoming A Career Changer

Digital Marketing

It’s inevitable. I have to make decisions fast. I have to let go of things that won’t be useful in my chosen career path. I have to learn fast, gain worth while experiences, to live and breathe the industry I want to be in. Are you a career changer, too? Let’s keep in touch.

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Rework Redo Restyle – An Old Dress To Fit

I can no longer wear cinch in the waist dresses. There. The cat is out of the bag.

What do I do when I get a dress that’s no longer flattering in my 10 more pounds heavy body? Rework, redo and restyle! Here’s how:

Flip the dress inside out. Find the seam where the original elastic was inserted and sewn in. Undo about an inch of the sewn waist band, wide enough to pull out the elastic.



The dress can be worn loose when around the house. Or you can redo by inserting a longer elastic. You can polish the look by wearing a belt and a matching accessories like a necklace.

 Got an old dress you love but no longer fit you. You can easily redo it like I did. Don’t forget to share with me the final look either on Instagram or Twitter : @_audreyisms .

Thank you for reading and I hope this inspired you to tackle a DIY project. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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#BlogMas: DIY Christmas Decor

How is everybody’s Christmas planning and preparation coming along? Today, I share with you three Christmas decor DIY that is daily easy to do. Enjoy!

Christmas Parol DIY

For Filipinos, no Christmas decor is complete without Christmas Parol hanging outside the house, preferably, near the window. It is supposed to resemble the star that guided the three kings to Jesus manger.

In fifth grade, my Christmas Parol project resembled that of a Japanese lantern because mine was round in shape and not the typical star. The only thing that makes it resemble a parol is the tail. The school project made us use only of paper, tissue, rice or washi paper, any sorts of paper. I don’t remember being allowed to work with bamboo sticks at that time so we had to be creative. Also, Christmas Parol made of paper won’t last long especially during the rainy season. Better display paper lantern inside the house. LOL!

Here’s a website that will instruct you how to make the traditional Christmas Parol with bamboo sticks.

You will need:

  • 10 bamboo sticks
  • 5 pegs
  • rubber bands
  • glue stick and glue gun
  • cellophane and washi paper
  • scissors

Of course, the Pinoy ingenuity will show you way expensive and artistic Christmas Parol made of different and indigenous materials. [Read more…]

The End of #BEDN, What’s Next?

I’ve finally made it to the finish line! Why is it, that the closer you are to the finish line, the harder it feels getting there? LOL!


Blog Every Day in November ends today. Thanks to Rosalilium for introducing this concept. I did miss one day of blogging but I was able to make up for it thus explains the Wordless Post one blogging Wednesday.

What’s Next? #BlogMas !

VlogMas is very popular among Youtubers and I thought I am going to a blogging version of it, #BlogMas. The rules of this exercise vary from one blogger to another. You can blog everyday in the month of December or until Christmas day. You can also blog every other day in the month of December or until Christmas!

I’m going to give myself a little break from daily blogging. I’ll will do my best to keep with #BlogMas and blog every other day until Christmas day. I might even extend it until the end of the month. But, we’ll see.

Are you in?

#BEDN Report 

I see my blog traffic increase immensely because of this daily blog activities. It just goes to show how I was truly neglecting my blog in the past.  [Read more…]

How To Do Your Own Nails

Why pay expensive nail salon charges when you can do it yourself for a small amount of money? The materials and tools cost only a fraction of what you pay the salon. If you don’t know how to do it, I will show you how. I’m not the expert but research and practice makes perfect.


You need a few things in order to do you own mani and pedi. Doing your nails in your own at home, you need to have these materials and tools:

  • a nail cutter, cuticle nipper, cuticle pusher, nail file
  • a nail polish remover, a cuticle remover, cotton balls
  • nail color polish of your choice, top/base coat polish

Here are the steps when doing your own manicure:

  1. If you have nail polish on, clean them off with a nail polish remover and cotton balls.
  2. Shape your nails as desired, a square versus a rounded nail shape, using a nail cutter and nail file.
  3. Soak your cuticles with cuticle remover for a few minutes before nipping them away.
  4. Clean your hands again with water and dry your hands with towel.
  5. Apply base coat, 2 coats of nail color and then top coat. [Read more…]

Easy Recycle Project: Mason Jar

I wanted to buy Mason jars for green juices or smoothies. But, who needs more jars lying around the house when you have a good set of glasses already? I know I don’t. It’s just mason jars or bottles, like this Yorkshire Mason Jar Mug, 4 Pieces, are the thing and they are just too pretty and cute to play around with.

I was looking around for mason jars and the one’s sold online have a minimum set that you have to buy. I only need one really. So, why not reuse old glass bottles.

Recycle Bottle

Tostitos salsa is in my August favorites list. Once I finished off the salsa contents, I decided to clean it up and reuse. It’s a good 440 grams of a bottle. It’s not a bad size for a smoothie drink.

mason jar

I removed the sticky label outside the bottle. There were sticky remnants of the labels but it was easy to remove. I had to wash the bottle twice so that it’s all good and clean. The salsa content left a good strong smell in the bottle. [Read more…]