Filipina Celebrities Travel Must Haves Via Social Media

Find out what Filipina celebrities consider as their travel must haves. You’ll be surprised by what they consider as essential. There are items you can easily afford and some that you can only dream of having. But still, it’s fun to be nosey about it.

Miss World 2013: Megan Young – This globe trotting beauty queen only keep 6 items as her travel essentials. I think I want to get my hands on Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream perfume!  

Miss Saigon in London: Rachelle Ann Go  This pop singer now conquering theater is staying in London throughout the run of the legendary musical Miss Saigon. This girl about town consider her vintage leather bag as her travel essential.

The Nations Sweetheart: Anne Curtis – She prefers travelling with luggages that is ultra light weight from American Tourister Vivolite. The colour is eye-catching too!

Daughter of Former Miss Universe: Isabelle Daza  Everybody is waiting for her to join Miss Universe just like her Mom. But, this self-confessed tomboy beauty is content to be part of show business. GoPro and a curling iron is definitely a surprising travel must-have mix. LOL!

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Five Valentine’s or GALentine’s Day Ideas

Celebrate Valentine’s day with the one you love, your family and/or friends. Here are some romantic and fun one-on-one or group date ideas:

1. Movie Screening Under The Stars 

movie screening under the stars

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Pack a picnic basket with both of you and your partners favorite wine. Lay out a blanket and enjoy a Friday movie night under the stars. Or go with your gals, a GALintine’s Day! It is sure is fun “aaaw”-ing together in public.

2. Head out to your nearest Love Padlock Location

Photo Credit:

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Make your love known to the rest of the world. Show how solid your relationship is and how you plan to be together for a long time. The Love Padlock, popularize by the one found in Germany, symbolises eternal love.

3. Arrange A Romantic Package At A Hotel

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It’s definitely busy for hotels on Valentine’s Day. One way they attract patronage especially on this day of love is offering a romantic package for two. [Read more…]

D’Budgetel Cagayan de Oro City

Out of Town and I’m staying at D Budgetel, Cagayan de Oro City.

It’s yet another affordable hotel just like what the name says.

Screenshot is from the website.

Screenshot is from the website.

Before travelling, I texted the mobile number posted on their website. Unfortunately, no one responded back. The online reservation button did not even work. I thought they must only accept walk-in, backpacking customers.

IMG_3920      IMG_3919

When I arrived, I was surprised that the area was being developed. You won’t see the hotel from the street, only a big sign with their name. I had to ask the guard where they are located or if they are already open. From the street, I had to walk past a restaurant, rows of rooms from the hotel, the hotel coffee shop which is located outside and found a reception area looking like an airport waiting area terminal.


The Tree House coffee shop on the left. Airport terminal like reception hall straight ahead.
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Property Listings In The Philippines

I was thinking about moving to a different city. I think I’m ready to give independence another try. I was looking around for an affordable house and apartment for rent in the Philippines when I accidentally bumped into Rent.PH.

Rent.PH is a trusted real estate website with a number of property listings for you to choose from. In the website, each property listing has a detailed description, payment arrangement information, pictures and a location map.


Each property listings are assigned to a real estate agent or broker. You will see the agency logo and the broker’s details. You see the agent’s profile photo and their contact numbers. If you see a property listing that you like, you can immediately call them or fill out the contact form found below.

It’s fun going through their property listings. The images make each property listings inviting. As a fan of interior design magazines and websites, Rent.PH property listings makes me think about home design ideas.  [Read more…]

Cheap Hostel In CDO: Three Sister’s Dorm and Transient

If you are looking for a cheap hostel but comfortable place to stay in Cagayan de Oro City, head on to Three Sister’s Dorm and Transient.

Mama had a seminar to attend in CDO and had to stay overnight. Apparently, the Government does not provide for lavish accommodations for activities or events. With a meager allowance, Mama and her colleagues found Three Sister’s Dorm and Transient. Because I was only tagging along, it’s not my place to suggest a better place to stay in.

For transient, you only have to pay P390/day for one person, P500/day for 2 persons and P150/head for additional person in the room. Mama, her female officemate and I decided to share a room. For the three of us we pay P650 for the room, divided by three, so we each pay P220.

Three Sister’s Dorm and Transient rooms include a bunk bed, extra foam for an extra person to sleep on the floor, air-conditioned room, and cable TV and free Wi-Fi connection. [Read more…]

#ExperienceIligan Diyandi Festival – An Update

Diyandi Festival is more than celebrating the city’s patron St. Michael and street dancing.

11/52 Joining Diyandi Festival

Parada De Iligan 2012

Last night, I had the chance to join Iligan Blogger’s Society dinner with the participants of Waterfalling Adventure Tour 2.0 at Silvestro. Read about how I love Silvestro’s Bistro here.

WAT2.0 ExperienceIligan

Photo Opp with the owner Bryan Silvestro.

It’s great to see old friends I haven’t seen or talked to in what seem like a long time and of course meeting new ones.

Doi Edcel

Six months after meeting Doi and Edcel in 2007.
Doi soo payat!
Me in shinning shimmering braces glory.
Edcel: Gutom na ko!

Byahilo Photoblogger

With Evan John and Enrico circa 2010.

WAT 2.0 started last Thursday, September 18, and it will end on Sunday September 22. [Read more…]

#ExperienceIligan For Less Than Php 300.00

This is what I love about this city. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for entertainment.

Delamar Timoga Spring Pool
Swimming is the answer to a very hot day or, in my case, simmering in the heat because of power outage. Iligan City is the City of Waterfalls. Aside from numerous (21?) waterfalls, Timoga Spring Pools makes the city popular.

Delamar Timoga Spring Pool is where we frequently go to as a family.

Here’s a breakdown of expenses:

1. Transportation Fee from City Proper to Timoga
Php 15.00 one way x 2 = Php 30.00 [Read more…]


I’ve seen EssieButton do this TAG and another blogger also making videos SBeauty101. I thought this TAG to be fun so I decided to make one.

1. Your most treasured passport stamp?

Singapore stamp. It’s the first foreign country I’ve been to. It was also my first time travel all alone.

2. Can you recite your passport # from memory if asked?

Yes. We only have a couple of characters as passport #s. When I was living in Singapore, when you apply for phone plan or any type of subscriptions, you are asked to surrender your passport or fill out the passport #s in the form yourself. This is why I can recite my passport #s. [Read more…]