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Last Monday, August 12, Mama and I went to Cagayan de Oro for some errands. I was to pay my brother’s school tuition, look for Canon camera charger and plain white T-shirt for a Peplum project and Mama was to buy a specific cloth for a skirt she is making.

Since Cagayan do Oro City is about to celebrate their fiesta, a lot of stores and malls are already selling their items on sale. A good way to beat the Fiesta shopping rush is to shop early. Bear in mind that there maybe items that won’t be on Sale or not yet on the Sale rack depending on when you shop. And so, shop early we did!

I wanted to buy new tops and shirts because my old one’s are getting tighter, ahem, the weight gain, and some are just too formal like office wear formal.

CLN Landon The first store we stopped by is the Celine store. I went directly to the sale rack and immediately asked Mama to look for a top she might want to get herself. We decided to get the 2 for Php 999 deal and we both got the same blouse in different colour.

CLN Beige Since I am treating Mama, she gets first digs on the color. She chose blue and I got the beige one. A few steps from Celine is Terranova store. I was trying to look for a shirt that I can murder into a Peplum shirt, a project that might go wrong.

Terranova Aquamarina We did not have the time to look for inexpensive T-Shirts but Terranova T-shirts was on Sale for Php 105 each.

Terranova Shirt

Unfortunately, the shirt in XL size isn’t too big for a flowy Peplum so I decided against cutting it. The shirt is slim cut making it not a good fit for peplum design tops. I got another shirt for my sister in different color.

We visited different stores, ate at Swiss Bakery, tried out the Chair/Foot massager that this company is selling in the middle of the mall and went to National Bookstore. It’s too bad though they don’t have the book I was looking for.

The last store I went to is Modtrade. This is old school for me. I remember when we were in Elementary school, Mama and Papa likes to buy us collared shirts here. I’ve always liked the quality of their shirts for an inexpensive brand.

Modtrade Baby Pink I decided to get two in different colors with different insignia, the strawberry in pink and the buffalo in purple. I’m not sure why they have different insignia though.

Modtrade Purple Looking at their merchandise now, a lot of them looks like factory rejects. It fits perfectly on me but I think it’s because the cloth and the cut is very common these days. But I still love them and the deal I got them for Php 199 each.

I was one happy budget shopper!

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