Cofifi Cafe

This coffee shop is located at the back of St. Therese College. Just take the road from National Bookstore Mango branch to Redemptorist Church. There’s a new establishment constructed right in front of Cagnaan Bookstore. In the same area, you will find Calda Pizza.
So, what’s it like? Cofifi Café is practically new so that means every things looks really clean especially the rest room. I think I decided that this place is going to be my Office Monday. The food is great. It’s not gourmet and it’s not too pricey. I would want them to serve more drinks than just the varieties of coffee that you can also find in other café places. If you want to get some work done, they also have WiFi service. The connection is not bad and again that depends on the number of people using the connection at the time.
I took the long table at the back. It’s not really comfortable because I can’t cross my legs underneath the table. Also, you’re going to feel a little of the heat you are trying to escape from. Sit where the guys are at. You’ll feel the AC a little better than from where I am. But then again, I was hogging the long table. That should teach me not to do that in the future.

Heavy meal, check.
Coffee, check.
Quiet place, check.
Clean café, check.
WiFi connection, check.
Office Monday, check.

I knew I should have asked for a coffee maker last Christmas. This coffee maker
by Mr. Coffee should be okay.

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