Currently Tuesday {2}

My Mama got back from Hong Kong last weekend and I can’t stop hearing about her first experience travelling abroad.

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Treating my puffy eyes with the Clinique All About Eyes eye cream. Maybe I just need to get more sleep or sleep early. Now, if only I remember to use it daily, I might see visible results. I don’t really expect anything much whenever I set a beauty routine for myself regardless of how simple it is. I only end up failing to follow the routine. I have always been that wash and wear kind of girl. But, at my age, it’s just not that simple.

Clinique All About Eyes Eye Cream

In my sisters wedding, my Aunt said something like, “ A woman is like a building. The older she gets the more renovation or upgrading she needs.

True! I think if you want to keep your man’s eye on you, you need to take care of yourself physically as well. Not that I have a man in my life! LOL! I am talking about eye cream! LOL!

PUMA Running Shoes

Loving my new possession of Puma shoes given to me by my older sister. I asked her if she has old running shoes that is my size that she is willing to give me. I wanted to buy a new one because I am having knee and ankle pains. I think that maybe it is caused by a wrong type or size of shoes. My old Nike shoes is size 7 but I am really a size 6. I wanted to test out this theory before buying myself a new pair of shoes. I am used to buying close shoes that is a size bigger because I always get and hate getting blisters. I also did a sports haul where I got myself knee and ankle support. Read about it here.

I posted in Instagram a few months back how I am becoming, reluctantly, a sneakers girl. It reminds me so much of Grade School and High School. I can still clearly remember my red Converse sneakers that I loved back them. Now, I have a new pair of sneakers from Kedss to add to my collection. I guess my sister saw my Instagram post and decided to give me the Taylor Swift red Keds. Sweet of her!

How is your Tuesday? I hope you had a good one. If not, it will all be better by tomorrow. Smile! Read about my previous Currently Tuesday post, here.

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