Easy Recycle Project: Mason Jar

I wanted to buy Mason jars for green juices or smoothies. But, who needs more jars lying around the house when you have a good set of glasses already? I know I don’t. It’s just mason jars or bottles, like this Yorkshire Mason Jar Mug, 4 Pieces, are the thing and they are just too pretty and cute to play around with.

I was looking around for mason jars and the one’s sold online have a minimum set that you have to buy. I only need one really. So, why not reuse old glass bottles.

Recycle Bottle

Tostitos salsa is in my August favorites list. Once I finished off the salsa contents, I decided to clean it up and reuse. It’s a good 440 grams of a bottle. It’s not a bad size for a smoothie drink.

mason jar

I removed the sticky label outside the bottle. There were sticky remnants of the labels but it was easy to remove. I had to wash the bottle twice so that it’s all good and clean. The salsa content left a good strong smell in the bottle. I just soaked the bottle with hot water for a few minutes and washed the bottle again. That’s it.

If you buy jams in bottle containers, you can reuse those as well. There are many ways to use these bottles.

They make cool containers in the office (pen holders, paper clips holder, etc.), kitchen (homemade jam or salsa) or living room (candle holders, lose coins container, other décor ideas). I know you can sell those bottles for a small amount of money. Just don’t throw them away. Reuse and recycle those bottles. It’s good for the earth, too.

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