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Every year, I always plan to leave work and go home in time for Granny’s birthday. She is getting old and we don’t want to miss her important day. It is also the best time to be home since our cousins do come and visit.
Last year, I discovered that coffee shops are getting popular in Iligan City. We are not really coffee drinking people. Although, we love intimate places like cafés because it is a place where we could go with friends and just hang out.
This year, we passed by an interesting building I did not know was already constructed. My younger sister says it’s a coffee and restaurant place that she herself did not get a chance to go see. Since I do have work to do, freelance stuff, I asked my sister to come with me and try it out.
Fontina is located right across the old Twin Bee burger joint. It’s along the national highway so you won’t really miss it. The coffee shop is right beside Kingsway Inn. I haven’t had the chance to go there and check price rates or the interior.
The food they serve is okay. There are good varieties of food. Mostly comfort foods you can cook at home. My sister ordered the spaghetti while I ordered waffles. I find the price a bit too expensive for an Iliganon’s standard though. When I checked the menu and the prices, I thought I must still be in Cebu.
The interior of the café is clean maybe because of the white walls and white tiled floors. Plus, not a lot of people go there yet. I don’t like the table and chairs. Although it’s red, my favorite color, it’s cushioned, it’s got steel structure but I somehow get the feeling that it belongs to someone’s dining table at home.
I love how the building looks from the outside. It’s really classy.


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