Getting A New Haircut

My hair is extremely long! The longest tip is already touching the spinal bone that meets the butt. I’m not sure what to call it, LOL.

If you knew me back in schooling days, I usually sport a long, straight hair or a shoulder length hair. It’s getting very predictable. Kate Bosworth hair is close to a bob but I was able to try that hairstyle once.

I’m thinking of cutting my hair short again. I think I’ll be getting shoulder length hairstyle. I’m not really experimental when it comes to hairstyles. The hairstyle I wish I were brave to try or try to pull off is that shorter hair similar to Halle Berry.

I am also thinking about hair color. I’ve tried it once but I hate it once my hair grows. I don’t want to touch up the color once the hair roots grow. I think too much of these things. I shouldn’t really stress about hairstyles really. There’s no need. But that’s basically how I am. LOL!

I was told a few times that I should have my hair rebond. It’s that women hairstyle that looks stick straight and super shiny. I don’t think my hair is that bad. For me, hair rebond is too high maintenance. I like swimming in the pool or the beach. I like the wash and wear kind of hair maintenance. Chlorine and salty water is very bad for rebonded hair. The hair is twice sensitive and gets really brittle easily. Not to mention a salon hairstylist who might not be that experienced to administer hair rebond. You’ll get bald!

So, what do you guys think? Any suggestions? Any words of advice from the wise?

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