How To Add Visitor Flag Counter To Your Flickr Profile

Since I’ve already updated my Flickr audreysviewfinder to Pro account, I have been busy trying to update my page with photos that I’ve taken in the past. I also got busy checking other hobbyists work and profile pages. I’m not sure if I even have the right to buy a Pro account compared to the quality of photos they have on their account. But, to each his own and I never did say that I am a hardcore photographer or hobbyist.

I noticed that other Flickr contacts of mine added a visitor flag counter on their profile page. I also want to know where my visitors are from.

So if you need help setting up one on your Flickr profile page, here’s how:

free counters

1. Go to Flag Counter Website

Flickr Profile Flag Counter

2. Follow the instructions found on the flag counter website

3. Provide your email address in the pop up window

4. Copy the all the “<a href= ” code or the Code For Websites (HTML).

Flickr Profile Flag Counter

5. Go back to your Flickr profile page

6. Click edit your profile

7. Paste the codes in “Describe yourself..” box

8. Click save

This is how my Flickr profile looks like.

Flickr Profile Flag Counter

That’s how easy it is! Don’t forget to come by my Flickr page and leave me positive comments, okay? Thanks!

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