How To Resize Images Using Mac iPhoto

I hardly use RAW images with my SLR but the images are not as crisp as it should be. I’ve started using RAW photos to see if there are any changes at all or maybe I just don’t know how to use my camera until now.

In order for me to upload photos to Flickr, Facebook and website without experiencing any problems at all, I need to resize the image file. I’m so used to Windows OS that I don’t know how to resize images using my new Mac.

So, here’s how:

1. Import photos from the memory card to iPhoto Library. Choose the image you want to resize. Before resizing, take a view of the image size by clicking the Info tab at the bottom. The right side bar will expand and will show the information about the image.

12.1 MB Image Size


2. To resize, click File from the task bar menu, drop down and click Export.

3. After you click Export, a pop-up window will appear.

Go to Size, drop down the selection and choose the file size you like. In my case, I set it to medium. Then, click Export. You will be prompted to enter File Name and to choose to which folder you want to save the photo to.

4. Next, go to the folder where you saved/exported the image and open it again with iPhoto. Click the Info tab again to view the image information. I’ve changed the file name but notice that the image size is now smaller.

Hope this helps!

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