IOS 6 Features I Like

Last night, I was reminded to update my phone to the new IOS 6. It only took me a few minutes to do so and soon I was playing around the new features I found with the iPhone 4.

Waking Up To The Sound Of Your Favorite Song

This is by far my favorite updated feature of IOS 6. I just wish they also included the incoming call ringtone with this update. With the native app Clock, you can change your ringtone by going to Clock > Edit or + > Sound > Pick A Song. You can then choose a song from your music playlist. You also have the option to buy more tones by redirecting you to iTunes. Fancy Gangnam Style alarm ringtone? LOL!

VIP Folder on Mail App

You can set your email contacts and incoming email as VIP. This way you will know that a Very Important Person has sent you an email. You can prioritize which email you want to read first.

Do Not Disturb

When you do not want to be disturbed at night while you sleep, turn On the Do Not Disturb feature found on Settings. I always set my phone on silent mode. This feature is great for those who want to have a good night sleep but who also do not want to keep changing the setting by daytime.

Passbook Application

There is now a simple way to manage all your passes in one IOS mobile application. Store your entire movies, events, flights, and loyalty cards, discount coupons and offers pass on your phone. Once you enter the Passbook application, you will see a button that will also redirect you to App Store. You can then download Flight Carrier Apps, Rewards and Merchandiser Apps to Sporting Events Apps. Imagine all your loyalty cards from stores or brands that you frequent found in Passbook application.

Beautiful and Enhanced Maps Application

Commuters, private car owners, bikers or walkers can use Maps to their advantage. I remember using Street Directory online and mobile app while in Singapore. It makes travelling in unfamiliar places easy. And with the turn-by-turn spoken navigation feature, Maps users will be directed to their destination.

Emoji Enhanced

If you have the emoji keyboard enabled, you’ll be glad to know there are more emoticons added with IOS 6. Typing messages, comments or tweets is way more fun.

Suhweeet!  😎

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