Last Week In Singapore – Part 2


I am looking for ways to say goodbye to the Lion City. I am not sure this is the city where I want to start a family and grow old in. But I am not also sure that this will be my last in Singapore. I might come back but still very unsure. “What do you really want to do for a long time, over and over again?” I still don’t have an answer.

I wanted to take a bus ride around the city. I just wanted to stare out the window on a double decker bus and just let the mind wander. I just don’t know where to begin.

I have always been grateful ever since I stepped on this foreign shore. The possibilities, experiences and opportunities granted to me, even though it is short lived, I will forever cherish.

Last year, just before New Year, someone at work asked,” Who among you here are tourists?” I wanted to raise my hand up.

I do not know what to expect before I came to Singapore and I do not expect to gain much out of Singapore. I just lived in this city and experience what Singapore is all about. Now, I feel like I’m ready to move in a different direction but not quite so. It’s like a tug of war of emotions. Right now, I feel I would be wasting my time doing something that I will be so unhappy doing. This is why I decided to leave, not fight it, to just let it be and go.


I like to keep a clean house now. Few years back, I would not really care how the house would look like. I guess Singapore’s cleanliness is rubbing off on me. LOL! I started cleaning the kitchen and then moved to the bathroom. My housemate came home after work and was surprised. She thought it was her husband who cleaned the house. I forgot it was their turn to clean the house. What else can I do here at home alone? I see every little wrong thing around the house and I just go and fix it.

Packing Unpacking Repacking Done.

So, I’ve come to a decision. I won’t be going home right away. I will be travelling across some Asian countries for a while by land. I know it’s dangerous for a girl to travel alone. But I don’t want to be imprisoned by fear of travelling alone anymore. I just have to make sure that my plans are spot on to avoid too many surprises on the road.

Packing is damn hard! I let my older sister pack my stuff for me! Travelling light is hard too! I’m sending my entire stuff home. I’m backpacking and “luggage trolley-ing” (just a small one I promise) around Asia for I don’t know how long.

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  1. wooohoooooo! Here’s for the books! Now stop sending me messages and go grab life out there! ahahahahahahaha.. Ate honey is, definitely, the packing guru of the family! I’ll see you when you get home wukie! Pray always and travel safe and well! Mwaaahugs!


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