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I made an order through their website at the end of April. What attracted me the most was the affordable rates and the shipping fees. The promise of two weeks shipping was a plus. By the 3rd week of May, I still did not receive my cards and alerted Zazzle Support. They were quick to act with this dilemma and provided me ways to resolve the matter as fast as possible. Last week of May, I contacted them again about local couriers having no record of a package for me. Zazzle immediately responded and refunded the money I paid for the cards that easily.

First week of June I received my cards from Zazzle. I contacted their support via Twitter, was told to enjoy the cards and did not ask that I pay them back. I got them for free? I guess from all the hassle we all had to go through getting back the $22.71 wasn’t really worth it.


First, the 2 weeks delivery promise they made was a big mistake on their part. Good thing there wasn’t anything important that I had to have my cards with me after those 2 weeks. If you’re international, expect to receive your cards longer than 2 weeks.

Second, the Zazzle Support Team was and is AMAZING! They were quick to respond and very professional throughout our interaction. They were quick to refund me my money even though the terms and conditions stated that it might take 21 days for the refund to go through. They were quick to accept my money during purchase. They were quick to refund me back after a promise failure. To me, this is a big deal. Thank you Zazzle!

Third, the quality of the cards and the number of templates they have was absolutely perfection! Whatever type of business you are in, has the template exactly right for you. The quality was top notch even though you pay so little. I tried looking at and but Zazzle has the best offer.

After my experience, I told Zazzle I will no longer do business with them. But, after receiving my cards, I change my mind. I am planning another giveaway that involves the services of Zazzle. I wanted to buy gift certificates that my readers can win. That is if you don’t mind getting the cards 5 weeks after. Leave a comment below saying “Yes” if you are in!

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I have been blogging since 2007 via Blogger and then Wordpress. I like taking pictures with my Canon 450D camera and iPhone 4. I am a licensed Teacher, holds a degree in Business with a major in Entrepreneurial Marketing. Currently, I work from home as a Social Media Manager for a media company and Project Manager for a mobile app company. A Life Enthusiast, Freelancer, Hopeless Romantic, Dreamer, Lover of the Arts. For business inquiries, please fill out the Contact form.


  1. Yes- I love your blog and their designs thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. Silver Price says:

    Stand out from the crowd with custom business cards. Upload your own logo, photo, or graphic, or use a pre-existing template. Zazzle business cards are professionally printed for all of your networking needs. Customize each side of your business card and choose from hundreds of font styles for free!


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