Must Have Fashion Items This Fall 2013

Philippines never really experience Fall season like our counterparts from across the pond. But when Fall season hits us, it’s in the form of heavy rain. Typhoon Maring has done her worst recently and I’m pretty sure there’s more storm to come during this time of the year. In my home city, storms hits in by December. We never get hit by typhoons in the past but typhoon Sendong proved it’s never going to be the same as it was.

Despite the heavy rain fall and flooding in some parts of the country, I would like to share with you the fashion trends for this coming season.

1. Get a beret. I’d only wear my violet beret if I’m travelling and the air-conditioning is on high. Otherwise, I’d look silly wearing it when the sun is up high. I found a Leaf Patterned Beret by Charlotte Russe for $7.99. It’s a steal!

2. Plaids they say is going to be big this fall. I think plaid was also a trend last year and we haven’t seen the end of it yet. See how the beautiful Jessica Alba and Tricia Gosingtian wear their plaids.

3. If it’s raining, then we have a good excuse to wear textured jackets like tweeds. It’s cute and it’s going to keep you warm. I have yet to find the perfect tweed jacket for me. But, what do you girls think of this soft tweed purple jacket? Very fall appropriate, don’t you think?

4. Green is the color this year, so is army green and the army inspired look is also on trend this season. I bought an army green inspired jacket from Forever 21. It’s plain green so it’s not as crazy as going camouflage. I found a similar inexpensive jacket at Forever 21. The plain green jacket is a better choice. No one in the street would be compelled to at salute you and say, “Sir! Yes, Sir!”.

5. I have loved Midi skirts for such a long time. I remember having a lot of them when I started working in the call center industry. I wore midi full skirts before mini bondage skirts like crazy. Midi full skirts are so girly and proper. It’s the prim and proper twist to the circle skirts that girls are wearing them a tad bit short these days. I even found an inexpensive Midi Bodycon skirt at Forever 21. It seems fashion blogger Tricia Gosingtian is in on this trend, too.

I went around fashion magazine websites and I can’t help but think of last year ‘s trends are still going strong. I know there are more to be said for fall’s fashion must-have for this year. But, for now, let’s stop the list up to 5. What fall trends are you most excited about this year? Let me know in the comments below.

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