Nike + iPod Sports Kit

My roomie bought a new pair of running shoes to motivate her self to go running again.

In my previous post, I wanted to get myself the Nike + iPod Sports Kit.

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

The box contains iPod adapter and the Nike pedometer that will be inserted at the sole of the Nike+ left shoe.

If you have an iPod Nano, you only need to plug in the adapter and you don’t have to buy yourself a special Nike+ shoes.

You can sync your pedometer, from your shoes, to your iPod Touch or iPhone.

After running, walking or working out, you can send the data to Nikeplus.Com to analyze and record your workout session.

I don’t have an iPod Nano, yet, but I will be using the pedometer and iPhone together. Nike Plus iPhone App lets you choose a Basic, Time, Calorie or Distance base workout.

I did not read any sort of reviews before buying the Nike + iPod Sports Kit. It is only meant to motivate me to start moving again. But, now that I am reading about Nike+ and how it works, reviews say that the pedometer battery will eventually run out.

I bought the Nike + iPod Sports Kit for $55 at the Nike Store at Wheelock Place, Orchard. I went to the EpiCenter store before but was told they don’t sell it anymore and only Nike does.

It’s cool when you have new sports wear or a new toy to bring along while exercising.

So, here’s to losing those 5 kilos gained from 2011!


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  1. 5 kilos and more! will run with you here from Iligan City..^^


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