On a bus enroute to Penang, Malaysia @10:59AM April 22, 2012

Overnight in KL was okay but I wish I was able to spend more time there. I was only able to see KL Sentral station and the Petronas tower. The KL Tower I was able to see from afar.

My thoughts in KL.

I am able to blend in. No kidding when friends in Singapore said that I look like a Malay girl. There were a couple of people talking to me in Malay. I just smile politely and walk away. I don’t talk to strangers drama. So far, no harm done. Staying in a backpackers hostel in KL for a night was not so bad. It’s a super budget hostel and the only way backpackers are able to stay long on the road.I only paid less than $10 for a night stay. I know it can be cheaper but I don’t want to risk it. I’m surprised though that the hostel Wi-Fi connection is quite fast. The location is very convenient. I honestly did not plan it that way. I bought the cheapest bus ticket from Singapore to KL. I made online reservations for the hostel. What I did not plan was how near the drop off point is from the hostel and how near the hostel is from the LRT and how near the hostel is from the bus terminal that will now take me to Penang.

Watch at 0:40-0:45. Kuala Lumpur Tower and the Petronas Towers from afar.

I love how modern Kuala Lumpur is. The convenience I was so used to while living in Singapore I found in Kuala Lumpur, too. I get to places easily with the LRT. I wish foreigners felt the same way when they travel to the Philippines and more. It’s more fun in the Philippines!

On travelling alone.

You really have to plan ahead. Search for maps online first. Get an idea on the means of transportation you’ll be taking. Try to blend in and don’t attract attention to yourself. In my case, since I will be travelling to KL, a Muslim city, I had to wear pants, t-shirt and closed ballerina shoes. I decided to carry a back pack instead of a shoulder bag or tote. You can walk around the city, hands free, less hassle, big enough to store the necessary and room for stuff you want to buy. Of course, you will have a hard time trusting people. I had a hard time taking pictures with the Petronas Tower. I did not bring a tripod with me going around KL.

So far, no hiccups. All is well and good. See you in Penang!

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