Start Of Lent: What are you giving up?


Lenten Season

After a meeting over Hangouts, my sister told me that her boss, into the fitness business, recommended to stop drinking coffee if you are serious about losing weight.

Me, stop drinking coffee? It’s suicide. I’ve tried it before and I’ve always failed.

I think he might be talking about coffee from Starbucks, CBTL, Seattle’s Best or Bo’s coffee. He might be referring to coffee rich with cream and sweets. My coffee at home every morning is very simple. I don’t have to add sugar. I don’t drink more than 2 cups of coffee because I’ll have a hard time sleeping at night. And, last I check with MyFitnessPal, my coffee is only 60 calories! I’m safe, right? It’s lenten season, I know. Should I? I’ve started drinking lemon water in the morning and evening. Maybe during Lenten season I could forego coffee? I will try!

Less social media logged time? I’ve opened the subject at work with a bunch of Social Media addicts like me. I was told “Social Media is air.” So, that’s that.

What are you sacrificing this Lenten season?

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Introduction to E-Mail Marketing

What is E-Mail Marketing?

It is a structured, powerful platform where you communicate with your audience regarding new products, services, relevant content and information and promotion. There is a call to action in this platform where the audience is asked to do something.

E-Mail Marketing

Why is E-Mail Marketing useful?

The platform is still the fastest way to see what work and what doesn’t. It’s easy to track and analyze. There is endless opportunities for promoting your brand, business, product or service.

How to get started?

  1. Select an E-Mail Service Provider (ESP). It is an online platform that allows you to send E-Mails to a large group, lets you manage a long list of contacts and allows you to track results. ESP’s can be free or paid package. Different ESPs to name a few are: MailChimp, ConstantContact, Vertical Response, iContact, etc.
  2. Start generating leads or contacts.
  3. What information do you want to communicate to your leads or contacts?
  4. Start building a campaign. Set the right tone and decide the frequency of sending out communication. For starters, you could study other E-Mail campaigns you’ve been receiving. Learn from it. [Read more...]

Real Living March 2014 Issue

Clutter, leaky bathroom fixtures, loose and dirty tiles, and waterproofing problems are just some of the common loo mishaps that happen inside our homes. But there is a way to avoid all of these with Real Living’s tips to creating a dream bathroom minus the setback.

RL March2014 Cover

According to Real Living Associate Publisher Tom Castañeda, “Most people tend to neglect their bathrooms when designing the overall look of their home, mainly due to the size of the space. But the bathroom, considered by experts to be the most important room in a home, can be more than practical.”

So, is it a tub or a shower? In its March issue, Real Living creates the ultimate guide to choosing your bathroom fittings, such as your basin, tiles and water closets, which will aid you in putting together the kind of bathroom that you’ve always wanted.

“With the right design, lighting and fixtures, it can be a place to relax and escape the world. And, Real Living’s special Bed & Bath special is the perfect tool to help you convert your comfort room into a sanctuary, complete with editor and expert picks for best basins, shower fixtures and water closets on the market today. But be warned! Incorporating them into the design of your space may result in never wanting to leave the comfort of your bathroom!” Castañeda adds.

[Read more...]

Why Keep An Editorial Calendar?

Editorial calendar can be a lot of things. What you keep on your journal, when planning your blog posts is an example. Curating and scheduling what you publish and share on social media, maybe via Buffer or HootSuite to name a few, is also another.


Here are the benefits:

Creating a calendar will ensure there consistent and quality content that is relevant to the brand or business audience. It aligns the team who are responsible in researching and publishing. Also, it acts as a framework to plan and avoid last minute curation. Setting a calendar will help coordinate audience interaction processes. Lastly, a calendar enforce accountability so that each team member know their roles, responsibilities and deadlines.

I hope this helps. I hope this will encourage you to prepare one. Thank you for reading and have a great week ahead of you!

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It’s My Birthday..

And I won’t make an effort to post if I want to..if I want to..

Birthday Cake

Photo Credit: Facebook Share

Have a great Thursday everyone!

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Life Updates #1

I’m tired of “Another Random Update”-esque title so I’ve decided to name a blog post series “Life Update” plus the series number.

See What Came In The Mail

A few days ago, Sun Life PH #BrighterLife campaign sent me a desk planner and Php 200 gift certificates. It was a part of their Chinese New Year promotion that I participated in. I was one of the lucky 119 participants to get the freebies. Freebies are great! Plus, I’m all for the #BrighterLife campaign.

BrighterLife SunLife PH

The desk planner is huge. Now, if only I have a ton of space on my desk. No really, I need to clean out my desk again. LOL!

I’ve decided to shop for things that aids in my weight loss. For some reason, my purchases was delivered incomplete and separately. Only one item came in the mail when I ordered three things from them. I shouldn’t have to pay for extra shipping fees. I’ve contacted the online retailer about it. I’ve yet to receive any response from them.

Zumba Class Galore

Finally went to the nearby aerobics centre and signed up for Zumba classes. My sister and I signed up at the same time for a 3 times a week package. We paid only Php 800 for one month and Php 100 for the registration fee. If we sign up next month, we don’t have to pay the registration fee anymore. So, yey!

Zumba Class Iligan City

I’m heading back to the gym soon. I will let you know once I’ve paid the dues and signed on the dotted line. Hopefully, my brother will join me in my weight loss quest. LOL!  [Read more...]

5 Gadgets You See Bloggers Own

Aside from having access to a computer or laptop, there are other gadgets bloggers always covet and must bring with them when out and about.

A Camera. Having owned a compact, point and shoot camera to a DSLR, I find owning a specific camera for blogging doesn’t really matter. If money is not a problem, a blogger would prefer to have the best camera they can buy. A blogger always want to improve their photography skills.

Blogging Camera

A Smart Mobile Device. Mobile phones and tablet devices allow a blogger to stay connected to the internet. A blogger is always connected to social media. Having access to Twitter to their chosen blogging platform on hand is ideal.

Blogging Device

A Portable Power Supply. A juice pack is getting so popular due to the rise of mobile phones that run out of battery or power fast. There are different portable power supply sold in the market these days. The higher the power capacity the better. But if there are budget constraints, a smaller capacity works as well. Just make sure to recharge every time you get home and before your next outing.

Blogging Power Supply

Mobile Wifi. A travel blogger doesn’t have to spend tons of money to access the internet wherever they go. The wifi plug-it is extra useful when you travel to places without Wifi connection. Works really well for Wifi capability only devices, too. [Read more...]

Liebster Award Nomination

I’ve seen bloggers post about this “Liebster Award Nomination” a couple of times. I know it’s some sort of a TAG between bloggers. Liebster Award Nomination is promoting newbies in the blogosphere, not that I fall into that category, but it builds a community, a circle, friendship, connection among bloggers.

I did some research about the Liebster Award. Liebster is actually a German word. It means sweetheart, dearest, beloved, darling and it also means boyfriend. But boyfriend aside, Liebster is awarded to bloggers who has less 200 followers. It’s not specified in what medium. Since I don’t have 200+ followers on Bloglovin’ and Google+, I’m in!

 photo LiebsterAwardButtonjpg_zpsf3641b04.jpg

I’ve known about Regina, of SoloMama, for short while. Thank you for nominating me! Please visit Regina’s Liebster Award Nomination post to know a little bit more about her. From the little time I got to know her from tweets, @TheSoloMama, she is indeed the sweetest!

There are 4 rules that are to be followed upon accepting the award:

  1. You must back link to the person who nominated you.
  2. You must answer the 11 questions given to you by the nominee before you.
  3. You pick 11 nominees ( I can only produce 8) with under 200 followers to answer your questions. You cannot nominate the person who nominated you.
  4. You must tell the nominees that they have been nominated by you.

Here are Regina’s questions:

1. What motivated you to start blogging?
Blogging was to really set a space for me to be creative. In the past, I used to write poetry, a now defunct personal blog back in 2007. The blog has now evolved into a time capsule about my life, my wants, ideas and informative posts that might be helpful to those who accidentally bumped into my domain. Now, the blog is part of my portfolio.

2. Where was your last or best vacation?
Best vacation ever was my road trip from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and  Penang, Malaysia. My first road trip alone. I’ve travelled alone on my own in the past but not by land to a different country where I know no one.

3. What keeps you inspired in life?
It’s really life in general. I know there are a lot of experiences to be had in the world whether it be good or bad as long as I’m living it. It’s inspiring. I get each morning with a plan in my head that great things awaits me as long as I stand up, wake up and be doing something.

4. What is one skill or hobby you’ve always wanted to learn?
Ride a bike. I know. It’s crazy. A grown woman like me. I’ve tried learning in the past. I was able to ride a bike for a complete 10 seconds without falling. That was it! I never got a repeat. I plan to buy a bike. Soon, if budget allows. LOL!

5. What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Turn on my laptop. Fix myself instant coffee and grab the brown bag of pan de sal. I go to Youtube to watch my favourite channels, go through Bloglovin’ and then start working. Yes, I work from home. [Read more...]

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