Rain Of Typhoon Pablo Arrived At Dawn

Around 5 AM

I woke up at the sound of rain. I can hear the raindrops and wind. My bedroom is at the second level right and our laundry area is right below. There is a metal sheet that keeps moving and banging with the wind. I don’t hear anything from the construction side of the building. I hope the building remains are still intact and will stay that way throughout the typhoon. The wind and rain grown strong but die down and grows strong again. It’s like that when in the morning.

8:36 AM

The rain has not stopped. My mom says the drainage system in our hometown is damaged and not working properly. If rain will continue, water will rise. There are water creeks and bridges surrounding the city and there are nearby small Baranggays around those creeks and bridges. I fear the strong water and flooding in those areas. Sendong last year was devastating. Family were separated because of the strong water current and they have nothing to hold on.

News says the typhoon will hit my hometown at around 10 AM in the morning. At least people are awake and prepared to meet the typhoon. Last night, I slept with signal #1 warning and this morning my sister said it’s signal #3 already.

8:42 AM

Electricity is still on. We’re watching Kris TV. My mother just walked out of the house to buy last minute food. I have to cook rice before any blackout happens.


Please continue praying for the Philippines.

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