Typhoon Pablo The Aftermath

December 5

6:06 AM

Woke up really early today. It seems the electricity is back for good. But, the phone line and internet access is still down. Cable TV is working but not a lot of news are told from our hometown. Because there was no electricity in the entire city, there was no access from anyone in the outside. That’s kind of scary if you think about. At least not a lot of damage was done.

9:00 AM

My mom went back to work since the sun is already up and no signs of dark clouds in the sky. True enough her officemate texted that it is back to business and that school is still suspended. Cool for the kids, huh? I love school life in the Philippines but bad for the curriculum makers. LOL!

10: 56 AM

Internet and phone line is back. Work-at-home life is back to normal it seems.

Food For Thought

Let’s not just remember to pray when disaster strikes and or when it is about to happen. Let’s pray everyday even offering silent prayers to the guy up there. December is a long way to go and Mother Nature does not just unleash her power only this month. I just wish people remember what they were taught in school about the Mother Earth and how to take care of the environment. We could at least avoid weather disasters from worsening. Thankful that all is well at the home front. Let’s continue to pray for those who are affected the worse by the typhoon.

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