Websites and iPhone Apps You Need To Know And Have When Travelling To Singapore – Part 1

When I travelled to Singapore, I did not own an iPhone at first. I was merely relying on websites about Singapore.

The most important thing you need is a map. There are many maps and books sold in books stores about Singapore. For the purpose of going paperless or less tourist-y, we will be using online references.

I have been using StreetDirectory for the longest time now. The map is very precise. It allowed me to go to places around Singapore without a hitch. Familiarize yourself first on how to use the website and/or app before travelling to Singapore.

Using the StreetDirectory website, begin by searching the place you want to get to. Let’s say we want to search and go to Singapore Botanical Gardens. The map will automatically search and point the place for you.

Then, on the left pane of the website, click Directions tab. Enter the Start address field. Basically, where you will be starting your journey. This can be from your hotel or where you are at the moment. But you won’t be opening your laptop with you when you travel around Singapore, right? So do this before leaving your hotel. What I like to do is to look for the nearest MRT station of the place I want to go. Let’s say our starting point is the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station and just enter in the Start field. It will automatically search for you or you can click Go.

At the bottom of the Start/End field, the website will give you 4 options to travel to Botanical Gardens. By car, bus, taxi and Bus/MRT. It will also give you an estimate of how much you will have to pay for fare and the travelling time estimate as well.

If you like to take the bus, damn the city view, take note of the street name, the landmarks around the bus station, the bus station number where you have to take the bus and most especially the bus number. Take note of how many stops the bus will take and at least 2-3 landmarks of these stops before you need to get off the bus. It will guide you in getting off to the correct bus stop.

So, click Bus option. It will show your Start location and the next steps you need to make. In this case, we are first directed to walk towards Bus Stop number B08031, Penang Road is the name of the street and the nearest landmark is Park Mall. So, if you are lost, ask where Park Mall is.

Second, wait and get on Bus number 07 or just 7. The website says that it is about 10 stops from where you are from to Botanical Gardens. It will also tell you the landmark where you need to get off and the bus stop number which is Holland Road, Youth Flying Club and at B13021. If you look at the map closely, you will see that you will pass through Grange Residences, British Council, Embassy of USA and Tanglin Golf Course. These are your landmarks signifying that you are near your bus stop.

From your stop, the last directive is to walk towards Botanical Garden. Click the last step and the map at the center of the website will zoom in to your end location. Then, you will know that the bus stop is right under an overpass and that you will have to walk towards the direction of a forest and walk along Tyersall Ave street. If you zoom in some more, it will show where the gates are to enter the gardens.

With your iPhone, you need to look for Singapore Maps application by Streetdirectory Pte Ltd.

Once you open the App, the GPS will show where you are currently at in Singapore. Click Directions at the bottom of the screen app and just do the same as you would via the website.

If you search StreetDirectory in the Apps, you will see that they have also created a version of Malaysia. Hello, travellers!

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