websites and iphone apps you need to know and have when travelling to singapore – part 2

In my first post, we talked about StreetDirectory.

StreetDirectory is a digital map that you can use and download in your iphone. With the StreetDirectory app, we can avoid looking like a tourist even though we really are. Talk about being subtle. GPS on your phone!

Although StreetDirectory app will also suggest what bus to hop on to get to your next destination, buses in Singapore can be very confusing.

Just in case, you might also want to familiarize yourself with SBS Bus iPhone application. You might also like to download SMRT Book A Taxi.

I always like to count how many stops the bus is to make before my actual stop. Also, the SBS Bus app will serve as my guide, like a counter, and I will at least know the landmark before my actual stop. Landmarks are crucial because at times buses don’t make a stop as listed. It could be that no one is at the bus stop that would like to take the bus or that no one wants to get off the bus at the listed bus stop. Don’t forget to press the Stop button before your actual stop.

For late night partying or dining, you might miss the last train ride or the bus ride. This is where Book A Taxi will be helpful. You will see the taxi company phone number in the body of the car. You can call for faster confirmation, too.

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